Sunday, February 9, 2020

TOC'S Million Dollar Custard

A decadent vaping experience for those who only accept excellence in their mixes. The silky smoothness of pure white chocolate, drenched in a proper English custard, with only the most decadent of cream to fill in the beautiful richness this dessert vape demands. A small touch of coconut which brings more creaminess fulfills the crème de la crème experience. When you only accept the very best, Million Dollar Custard will be waiting for your enjoyment.

TOC'S Million Dollar Custard :

 1.00% Creme Anglaise (DV)   
 2.00%  Custard (INAWERA)   
 2.50%   Custard Premium (FA)   
 0.25% Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)   
 0.50% Sweetness (Flavorah)   
 0.60%  White Chocolate (MF)   

Flavor total: 6.85%
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Flavourart Custard Premium, and Creme Anglaise DV are not available in the United States to purchase these incredible flavors, visit: or  

Another flavor you might want to add to your flavor stash while there that isn't available in the USA would be FA Milk.  This recipe requires a 30 day steep time and some indulgent flavors, but it will be a delicious treat if you take the time to mix it up as is.  There are no substitutes that work for this recipe that will taste exactly the same, it's a very unique mix and meant to be an indulgence.

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