Monday, January 13, 2020

TOC'S Creamy Mint Cookies

I'm not a mint lover, or maybe I should say I didn't think I was, because this recipe has me willing to change my mind.  The best way to describe this recipe is to think about those sweet butter mints you can buy in the store, add a little cookie and some vanilla mint, and there you go.  The mint in this recipe is very light, and if you actually want more of that minty flavor you could easily push Creme de Menth up, for my tastes I want just a soft, subtle mint in the background and that's what this accomplishes. 

The only substitutions I can see working in this recipe would be the sweetener, and the cookie.  If you are going to sub out the cookie, I'd suggest Cap Sugar cookie at 2% to make up for that in this recipe.  The sweetener, the other one I've used consistently is Ricks Sugar Daddy regular, that's not to say another sweetener wouldn't work, I just haven't tried it.   This would be great also for someone who loves vanilla mints.  Sweet cream, and coconut along with the cream and cookies, really produce a nice vanilla cream here.  I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to rate it if you do.

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