Tuesday, December 17, 2019

TOC'S Pudding Stone

Sometimes you create a combination that works so well, you can use it as a base for many recipes.  That's how this pudding stone came to be.  I created a banana pudding recipe to test, and it was so simple and worked, that I had to try it with other combinations.  This stone will not need sweetener added in either, as the vanilla pudding on its own is a great sweetener.  If you don't have the cookie by Flavorah, you could absolutely exchange that with caps sugar cookie at 3% (someone already asked) the one sub that you can't take out is the Vanilla Pudding by Flavorah.  That really is what makes this stone work so well.  Get your fruits the way you like them, then simply add into this easy stone for a delicious recipe.  You could also do this with caramels, butterscotch, and lighter hints of nuts.  The possibilities are endless. 

TOC'S Pudding Stone

 1.00% Cookie (Flavorah) 
 1.50%  Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah) 
 2.00% Whipped Cream (TPA) 

Flavor total: 4.5%
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