Friday, December 13, 2019

TOC'S Jammed Up Cake

What happens when you take strawberries and mix them with Candy/Jammy Wizard?  You get a delicious candied strawberry mixed in with a sweet, fluffy cake. 

Quick Note:  You can use this with other fruit flavors if strawberry isn't your jam. 

TOC'S Jammed up Cake

 0.50% Candy/Jammy Wizard (FA) 
 2.00% Custard (Crema Pasticcera) (FA) 
 2.00%  Nonna's Cake (FA) 
 3.00% Strawberry (Red Touch) (FA) 
 2.00% Strawberry, Sweet (JF) 
 1.00%  Vienna Cream (FA) 

Flavor total: 10.5%
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