Friday, December 13, 2019

About Vaping Crimson

Vaping Crimson will always be focused on helping the adult smoker kick the habit by using vaping.  We are not affiliated with any vaping company and are consumers.  We are non-profit and are not held to the same rules of vaping shops or manufacturers because we aren't in business.  There are many limitations on those working in the industry including the inability of being able to tell you that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.  Even though that's the truth, they can't tell you that, and we aren't bound by those limitations because we don't work for the industry. 

Vaping Crimson will always give an unbiased opinion on products and our opinions belong to us, not to someone sponsoring a show, because we don't accept sponsors.  This was a decision we thought about long and hard, because while we'd love to "give things away" that's not what we're really here for.  We decided that educating is much more important than giving out free stuff.  Any giveaways we do come from our own resources and are simply a thank you to our viewers for their support.  Our focus has turned toward DIY because with flavor bans being threatened, we want to make sure our supporters can create their own e-liquid if it becomes impossible to buy.

We will always focus on smokers and helping them quit, and answer any questions you have on vaping topics.  That will never change.  Advocacy for adults and vaping is something we believe strongly in.  We look forward to helping you any way we can and hope you'll join us for our DIY shows on youtube.  You can also follow us on Facebook Instagram and of course our website here.

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