Monday, November 11, 2019

We Vape We Vote Grass Roots Movement

After months of frustration with the government and public health, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the adult vaping community.  The CDC finally released information that Vitamin E Acetate, an ingredient used to blend black-market THC (pot), is the culprit behind the deaths and lung injuries that happened in the United States, not traditional nicotine vaping.  For more information about the culprit responsible for this, you can read an in-depth article at Leafly.  The nicotine vaping community made claims that this was the case from the beginning, and refused to watch their tobacco harm reduction (THR) community take the fall for illegal products.  That's how #WeVapeWeVote began.

It grew to enormous proportions, to the point where media tried to say they weren't real people, but bots created on a computer program for social media.  That was proven to be a lie when over 4,000 people showed up in a quickly put together campaign on the White House lawn.  These were adults from all over the United States that believe vaping saved their lives and helped them successfully transition away from deadly cigarette smoking which kills 450,000 people in the USA alone each year.  #WeVapeWeVote became the largest Grass Roots Movement the vaping community has ever seen.  Thousands of people not only flooding social media in protest but also willing to travel to DC to show they weren't backing down from overreach from their government.  It appears to have reached the President's ears because today this is what he tweeted.

With this tweet, the community of #WeVapeWeVote took to twitter again, reminding the President that JUUL and big tobacco companies were not vaping, and they asked to have the members that represent them be present in any meetings.  People like and physicians that have championed their belief that vaping is the successful way to quit smoking like Dr. Michael Siegel many have asked that we adopt the stance of Public Health England, where vaping devices are sold in hospitals and promoted for smoking cessation with claims of being 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.

To many people in the #WeVapeWeVote movement, JUUL (Altria) seems to have become as big an enemy to them as big tobacco, which they state JUUL is part of,  and they want them distanced from the true vaping community.  From the tweets and commentary, to a majority in the adult vaping community, is appears they believe JUUL was targeting children and that the adult vaping community wants no part of that scenario, as they voice agreement to allowing the age of vaping to be raised to 21 for use.

What will happen with the future of vaping?  That answer is as of yet, unclear.  We know that the age limit of 21 will be established from what little information we have so far, other than that, the rest is unknown. The #WeVapeWeVote movement has proven it has the ability to be heard.  Adults have always fought against prohibition and this is proof that the American spirit is still strong when it comes to the rights of adults to choose. 

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