Sunday, November 17, 2019

TOC'S Easy Caramel Cream Pie

A delicious DIY recipe doesn't have to be complicated.  Lucky Shot ( is a great flavor mix of Graham Cracker, Caramel, and Sweet Cream.  All we've done is pulled out the graham with a little sugar cookie, and the creaminess with vanilla custard.  You can vape Lucky Shot on its own at 10% for a delicious treat.  Also, think about using the recipe above and adding in your favorite fruits that go well with caramel to mix it up a little differently.  Click here to use the calculator to mix it up your way:  E-Liquid-Recipe

Some additional ideas would be adding one of the following combinations:

Caramel Apple Pie:  2% Fuji Apple (FA) with 2% Apple Stark (FA)
Banana Caramel Pie:  3% Banana (FA) or your favorite Banana concentrate
Lemon/Lime Caramel Pie:  .50% Lime (Flavorah)  3% Lemonade (Flavorah)

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