Saturday, November 30, 2019

TOC'S Chocolate Desire

Mix Chocolate Desire:

This is ecstasy in vaping.  Don't let the dark chocolate name fool you because this blend is delicious rich velvety chocolate, sweet and creamy to the point of being sinful.  I've worked very hard to find a chocolate that I enjoy using and Medicine Flower fulfilled that need with their dark chocolate flavor.  It may seem expensive to pay $22 for a single flavor concentrate, but this is one that is well worth it.  If you look at the lower percentage needed for incredible flavor, you're actually saving money over other concentrates in the end.   The truth is, no one can do chocolate the way Medicine Flower does.

This recipe has a 30 day steep time, but you can shorten that by making a base out of the Dark Chocolate and creams.  Pro_Vape came up with this delightful base blend and you can mix it here:

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