Monday, October 7, 2019

Turning Bakery Food Favorites into DIY E-Liquid

Turning a Cooking Recipe into a Vaping E-Liquid
Flavor Concentrate Substitutions

Pumpkin -  Flavorah Yam tastes like pumpkin puree straight from the can without spices 1%

Eggnog -     Flavorah Eggnog is the only eggnog flavor I’ve been able to use for eggnog  1%  It also works great when you’re wanting a slightly eggy cream with a touch of nutmeg for baking recipes in eliquid

Eggy – Flavorah Eggnog 1% ,  and Vanilla Custard Capella 3%  both add that eggy tastes for recipes.  Meringue (FA) 1% also gives an eggy taste.

Buttermilk -  3% tfa whipped cream and 1% cap golden butter will give you the buttermilk flavor

Pie Crust:  These combinations all work well and it’s a personal preference.

FA apple pie 2% and biscuit INW 1% (regular pie crust)

TPA Graham Cracker Clear 1% + Sugar Cookie Cap V2 1.5%  (Graham cracker crust)

INW Biscuit 1% FA Apple Pie 1%  (regular Pie)

TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust 2%

FA Apple Pie 2% and FLV Cookie .75%

INW Biscuit 1% and CAP Sugar Cookie 2%

INW Biscuit 1% and FW Butter Pecan 0.5%

Buttery taste:  Vienna Cream (FA) 1% + 1% (FA) Almond give a great buttery taste when mixed

Malted Milk:   Malted milk (TPA) 2% + Fresh Cream (FA) 1% give the real taste of malted milk great start for building recipes.

Ginger:  Cardamom (FA) 2% tastes just like ginger and would be a great way to start building on gingerbread recipes.

Vanilla Icing:  Lorann’s has been in my flavor stash for years because of its great addition of Vanilla Icing on a cake.  2% will give you that great flavor in a recipe.

Bread:  Baked Bread (Real Flavors) First, let me say this is a SUPER strong bread tastes so do not mix at over .25% because it will dominate everything.  This is baked white bread right out of the oven flavor. 

Cinnamon:  Cinnamon Ceylon was the most realistic cinnamon I’ve ever tried.  I can no longer vape cinnamon but if you use this at .25% it will give you the cinnamon dusting you want in recipes.

Chocolate:   The only chocolate flavor that reminds me of real chocolate is Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate (yes it's a little pricey but it works).  It can be coaxed into milk chocolate with this great stone recipe from Pro_Vapes here:  DIY Milk Chocolate by Pro_vapes

Milk:  My favorite milk flavors comes by mixing OOO Flavors Cream Milky Undertone at 2% + 1% FA Fresh Cream.  Note this is not a sweet milk to me, it’s a basic milk flavor and if you want sweetness, you’ll have to add it in.

Cream Danish Filling:  Lorann's Cream Cheese Icing 1.50 %  with .25% Brie Cheese Flavorah

Condensed Milk Stone:  Linking you to the recipe because it takes a few flavors to make this work.  I use this as a condensed milk concentrate at 2% in recipes after making it into the stone. TOC'S Condensed Milk

(Check Back - I'll Be Adding More)

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