Friday, October 4, 2019

TOC'S Apple Pie Moonshine

Welcome to Alabama, ya'll.  We like our moonshine mixed in with some sweet apple pie.  Grab a chair and come sit a spell on the porch.  I wanna hear about your day while we enjoy some of my famous Apple Pie Moonshine.  Here's what you'll need to join in.

TOC'S Apple Pie Moonshine :

 1.00% Bourbon (Flavorah) 
 1.00%  Brown Sugar (TPA) 
 0.50% Cinnamon (Ceylon, Cannella) (FA) 
 2.00% Dragonfruit (TPA) 
 3.00% Fuji Apple (FA) 
 2.00% Rum, Jamaican Special (Jamaica Rhum) (FA) 
 2.00% Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA) 

Flavor total: 11.5%
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This recipe was based on the real Apple Pie Moonshine my husband makes for football season.  Now, before you go thinking we've got a distillery in the back yard, we use EverClear to create this seasonal treat.  Ironically, I can't vape cinnamon, so I couldn't do a flavor test, but I have a friend that asked for this recipe, and he agreed to do a test for me.  In his opinion, it's just like my drinkable version, except this won't get you drunk because there is no real alcohol involved here.

Bourbon is what I'm using in the place of Everclear because it's got that boozy flavor we're wanting to recreate in this mix.  You could do this with Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) but it would have to be about 5% to match the potency of Flavorah bourbon in this recipe.  Fuji Apple was used in this mix with dragon fruit pushing it forward.  Cinnamon is an important part in the apple moonshine experience (I can drink it just not vape it) and it's used here to make that impact.  Brown Sugar/White Sugar is used in the beverage recipe and you find it here.  The Rum in this recipe is more of a rounding out the bourbon to me.

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