Monday, September 30, 2019

TOC'S Bourbon and Cola

TOC'S Bourbon and Cola 

 0.50% Bourbon (Flavorah) 
 1.00%  Caramel (Caramello) (FA) 
 2.00% Cola (FA) 
 2.50%  Kentucky Bourbon (TPA)
 1.00%  SugarDaddy (Reg) (Rick's) 

Flavor total: 12%
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With all the insanity going on about vaping lately, I felt the need for a drink.  Since I don't drink alcohol, I decided to make a vaping recipe instead.  If you enjoy bourbon and coke then this recipe is as close as I could get to the real thing.  Okay, I could have added some cooling agent in there, but I honestly don't like cooling agents, so there's that.  If you'd like to make yours a little cooler then add 0.25% of Koolada

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