Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hawaii Banning Online Vape Sales

Apparently, Hawaii needs to be reminded that banning online sales is against the constitution like Indiana was reminded when they violated the commerce clause of the constitution which you can read about here: Federal appeals court Indiana  If you take the time to read HB2492 you'll note that this was a partisan bill from Democrats: Rep. Della au Belatti [D] Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi [D]Rep. Lei Learmont [D] Rep. John Mizuno [D] and states "Makes unlawful shipment of tobacco products to anyone other than a licensee. Includes e-liquid within the definition of "tobacco products", as used in the cigarette tax and tobacco tax law, thereby making all provisions of the cigarette tax and tobacco tax law that relate to tobacco products applicable to e-liquid as well. Increases the license fee for wholesalers or dealers and the retail tobacco permit fee."

Ironically, the other bill they want to pass is SB548 which makes this writer wonder if they were all high when they choose to legalize marijuana and ban online sales of lifesaving electronic cigarettes.  Once again, all Democrats that voted for this bill which seems to be an overwhelming problem in Hawaii.  A one-party state making all the decisions. It gets even better when they are going to allow that it becomes a felony to purchase vaping products online but allow pot smoking.  Can anyone else smell the stench in Hawaii?  

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