Thursday, February 15, 2018

E-Cigarette Study Show No Negative Effects On Lungs From Vaping Over 3.5 Years

After 3.5 years of testing controlled subjects with baseline beginning statistics, it was noted that vaping showed NO effects on the lungs.  This study challenges public health officials and anti-vaping groups that proposed vaping was worse than smoking or was not a harm reduction alternative.  Disproving with scientific evidence the mistruths being spread against vaping, the landmark study shows what vaping advocates have said from the beginning.  Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking and should be considered by health professionals as a viable means of smoking cessation. Read the full report HERE.

 Key considerations taken from the study are:

·         *In particular, no CT features compatible with early signs of COPD (i.e. parenchymal micronodules, ground-glass opacity, or macroscopic emphysema) or lipoid pneumonia or popcorn lung disease were present. Of note, no early pathological signs were observed in subjects with the highest e-liquid consumption (i.e. 5mls/day) and longest overall vaping hx (i.e. 57 months).

·         *No detectable changes in lung health in never smokers who have been regularly vaping for at least 4 years.

·         *Daily exposure to ECs aerosol emissions caused no significant changes in any of the health outcomes investigated, including measures of lung function and lung inflammation.

·        * Tobacco combustion products, not nicotine, cause most of the adverse health effects of smoking.

·         *Consumption of low dose nicotine did not seem to have significant adverse cardiovascular effects, as shown in recent EC studies of healthy smokers and smokers with arterial hypertension.

·        * No significant changes in lung function, respiratory symptoms, FeNO or eCO measurements were found. Furthermore, no noticeable individual changes were observed in any of the vapers including those with the most significant exposure history.

·         *Long-term studies in healthy smokers and smokers with asthma and COPD switching to EC use have shown not only no clinically significant adverse respiratory effects, but, to the contrary, a mitigation of the harmful effects of smoked tobacco on the lung.

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