Monday, January 22, 2018

Nocturne Vapors

There's a reason why I put my name behind Nocturne Vapors, and that reason is quality.  When an e-liquid creator puts time into their craft, you can vape the difference.  Every product I've tried was spot on and built on flavor.  The owners, Joshua and Candice are huge advocates for Alabama and with our industry facing so many changes, that's exactly what I expect from the people I support.  It's for those reasons I accepted a position in sales with them.  I believe in the product that much!  If you're not carrying Nocturne Vapors in your store, I want to change that today!  Drop me an email at and let's talk.  Nocturne Vapors carries three lines of e-liquids:  CarnEvil, Midnight Fog, and Necro Surge.  Please follow the links and find out more about the incredible flavors there.  Not many vendors will guarantee their product, but Nocturne does! 

About the Owners:

Nocturne Vapors was founded by a husband and wife team, Joshua and Candice Register, in 2013. Joshua and Candice had both been smokers for well over 30 years combined. Together they used the revolutionary technology of vaping to kick the deadly habit.

As time moved on both Joshua and Candice noticed that the flavor of their e-liquid was falling off. They found themselves desiring longer lasting and more potent flavor profiles. They began making their own e-liquids through trial and error. After a few months they had friends begin to ask them to make e-liquids for them as well. Candice came to Joshua with the idea of forming up a company and moving to the next level to continue the work of helping others kick their habit. The concept of Nocturne Vapors was born in October of 2013.

Nocturne Vapors, LLC. was born with the radical idea of producing a “Quality Product At An Affordable Price” while treating each and every person as if they were a part of our own family. We went against the normal ideals in the vaping community by putting flavor and consistency above profits and hype. Every flavor produced by Nocturne Vapors went through extreme vetting processes to ensure quality and the flavor production we would want for ourselves.

In 2015 the Nocturne Family was born through the hard work and efforts of a handful of people who believed in the mission statement of Nocturne Vapors. These people supported us, encouraged us, and told others about us every chance they have gotten. The Nocturne Family is those select few who have helped to shape and mold Nocturne Vapors as it moved forward in the vaping industry. It is a group comprised only of normal vapers who found a product that they loved and believed in and wanted to see work for so many others. This group continues to shape and mold the direction of Nocturne Vapors, LLC. today.

Fast forward to 2017 and Nocturne Vapors, LLC. has reached goals we would have never believed possible. Our loyal Nocturne Family has been instrumental in the growth and ability to help new people continue to find quality e-liquids at affordable prices every day.

Thank you to each of you who has given Nocturne Vapors the ability to continue our efforts in the advocacy field and to continue helping others to find quality e-liquid products at affordable prices!

About Me:  I'm Michelle Hughes, romance author and vape enthusiast.  I began vaping in 2015 after being diagnosed with COPD.  Smoking was killing me, and I'd tried so many different ways to quit and failed every time until I discovered vaping.  I've been smoke-free since 2015 thanks to vaping!  I made a promise to myself when I started, that if I could kick the habit, I would make it my life mission to help others stop smoking.  Signing on as a salesperson with Nocturne Vapors is another way I plan on continuing that goal!

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