Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Quit Smoking Testimony

Reposted from:  http://advocate4vaping.com/i-quit-smoking-testimonial-page/ please visit their website to upload your vaping testimonial.  All credit belongs to that website and we are sharing to help them gain support.

I Quit Smoking Testimonial Page

The Media Lies are circling the vaping industry like vultures hovering a decaying carcass.  The Government will ignore any real science on the issue. The propaganda is saturating the internet at an alarming rate. 

If you are a vaper, and vaping has in fact helped you quit smoking, we are asking you to submit your testimony today! In fact we want you to put your face to it as well as social media handles for sites such as Twitter and Instagram! Why you ask? We have worked extensively on our coding to make sure the truth starts showing up in the search engines instead of the bias media lies. Your submission will become something that can be found on the internet in any search engine after you post your story.

Just follow these simple rules: Put your real name, create a catchy title, upload a respectable photo (should you desire to include a photo), and make sure you use plenty of hashtags and twitter handles. Do not use the post the promote your business or products; as that will be grounds for immediate banning.

Let’s Do This!

Remember to click the link above to visit the website and leave your testimonial. 

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