Friday, August 21, 2020

5,000 Members Strong - Beginners DIY E-Liquid & Recipes

I'd like to congratulate Beginners's DIY on Facebook for reaching that 5,000 member milestone today.  It's been my honor to help grow the group with some incredible people that have kept the momentum going for the DIY community.  This group is for adults 21+ and has been a huge help for those interested in learning the craft of mixing.  DIY continues to grow rapidly as more adult rights are being taken away from our vaping community.  We have the right to choose vaping as a safer alternative to deadly combustible cigarette smoking, and thanks to DIY we still get to celebrate our adult rights!  

There has never been a better time to learn to DIY and we hope you'll join us as we share our creativity and celebrate personal freedom.  It truly is easy to mix great flavors with a little help on how to get started.  With that being said, I created a simple to follow video to teach you a little more about DIY.

Beginner's DIY E-Liquid  & Recipes has several links to help you make incredible e-liquids and you can find those resources here:

Simple Recipes for beginners with 5 flavors or less:

Learn to use the ELR calculator with our Units lessons

Coupons and places to buy DIY flavors and tools

Trinities for those that want them

Vaping Advocacy please join
Live DIY Mixing Show schedule: Dates and times can change
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