Thursday, February 15, 2018

E-Cigarette Study Show No Negative Effects On Lungs From Vaping Over 3.5 Years

After 3.5 years of testing controlled subjects with baseline beginning statistics, it was noted that vaping showed NO effects on the lungs.  This study challenges public health officials and anti-vaping groups that proposed vaping was worse than smoking or was not a harm reduction alternative.  Disproving with scientific evidence the mistruths being spread against vaping, the landmark study shows what vaping advocates have said from the beginning.  Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking and should be considered by health professionals as a viable means of smoking cessation. Read the full report HERE.

 Key considerations taken from the study are:

·         *In particular, no CT features compatible with early signs of COPD (i.e. parenchymal micronodules, ground-glass opacity, or macroscopic emphysema) or lipoid pneumonia or popcorn lung disease were present. Of note, no early pathological signs were observed in subjects with the highest e-liquid consumption (i.e. 5mls/day) and longest overall vaping hx (i.e. 57 months).

·         *No detectable changes in lung health in never smokers who have been regularly vaping for at least 4 years.

·         *Daily exposure to ECs aerosol emissions caused no significant changes in any of the health outcomes investigated, including measures of lung function and lung inflammation.

·        * Tobacco combustion products, not nicotine, cause most of the adverse health effects of smoking.

·         *Consumption of low dose nicotine did not seem to have significant adverse cardiovascular effects, as shown in recent EC studies of healthy smokers and smokers with arterial hypertension.

·        * No significant changes in lung function, respiratory symptoms, FeNO or eCO measurements were found. Furthermore, no noticeable individual changes were observed in any of the vapers including those with the most significant exposure history.

·         *Long-term studies in healthy smokers and smokers with asthma and COPD switching to EC use have shown not only no clinically significant adverse respiratory effects, but, to the contrary, a mitigation of the harmful effects of smoked tobacco on the lung.

Friday, February 9, 2018

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hawaii Banning Online Vape Sales

Apparently, Hawaii needs to be reminded that banning online sales is against the constitution like Indiana was reminded when they violated the commerce clause of the constitution which you can read about here: Federal appeals court Indiana  If you take the time to read HB2492 you'll note that this was a partisan bill from Democrats: Rep. Della au Belatti [D] Rep. Bertrand Kobayashi [D]Rep. Lei Learmont [D] Rep. John Mizuno [D] and states "Makes unlawful shipment of tobacco products to anyone other than a licensee. Includes e-liquid within the definition of "tobacco products", as used in the cigarette tax and tobacco tax law, thereby making all provisions of the cigarette tax and tobacco tax law that relate to tobacco products applicable to e-liquid as well. Increases the license fee for wholesalers or dealers and the retail tobacco permit fee."

Ironically, the other bill they want to pass is SB548 which makes this writer wonder if they were all high when they choose to legalize marijuana and ban online sales of lifesaving electronic cigarettes.  Once again, all Democrats that voted for this bill which seems to be an overwhelming problem in Hawaii.  A one-party state making all the decisions. It gets even better when they are going to allow that it becomes a felony to purchase vaping products online but allow pot smoking.  Can anyone else smell the stench in Hawaii?  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Nocturne Vapors

There's a reason why I put my name behind Nocturne Vapors, and that reason is quality.  When an e-liquid creator puts time into their craft, you can vape the difference.  Every product I've tried was spot on and built on flavor.  The owners, Joshua and Candice are huge advocates for Alabama and with our industry facing so many changes, that's exactly what I expect from the people I support.  It's for those reasons I accepted a position in sales with them.  I believe in the product that much!  If you're not carrying Nocturne Vapors in your store, I want to change that today!  Drop me an email at and let's talk.  Nocturne Vapors carries three lines of e-liquids:  CarnEvil, Midnight Fog, and Necro Surge.  Please follow the links and find out more about the incredible flavors there.  Not many vendors will guarantee their product, but Nocturne does! 

About the Owners:

Nocturne Vapors was founded by a husband and wife team, Joshua and Candice Register, in 2013. Joshua and Candice had both been smokers for well over 30 years combined. Together they used the revolutionary technology of vaping to kick the deadly habit.

As time moved on both Joshua and Candice noticed that the flavor of their e-liquid was falling off. They found themselves desiring longer lasting and more potent flavor profiles. They began making their own e-liquids through trial and error. After a few months they had friends begin to ask them to make e-liquids for them as well. Candice came to Joshua with the idea of forming up a company and moving to the next level to continue the work of helping others kick their habit. The concept of Nocturne Vapors was born in October of 2013.

Nocturne Vapors, LLC. was born with the radical idea of producing a “Quality Product At An Affordable Price” while treating each and every person as if they were a part of our own family. We went against the normal ideals in the vaping community by putting flavor and consistency above profits and hype. Every flavor produced by Nocturne Vapors went through extreme vetting processes to ensure quality and the flavor production we would want for ourselves.

In 2015 the Nocturne Family was born through the hard work and efforts of a handful of people who believed in the mission statement of Nocturne Vapors. These people supported us, encouraged us, and told others about us every chance they have gotten. The Nocturne Family is those select few who have helped to shape and mold Nocturne Vapors as it moved forward in the vaping industry. It is a group comprised only of normal vapers who found a product that they loved and believed in and wanted to see work for so many others. This group continues to shape and mold the direction of Nocturne Vapors, LLC. today.

Fast forward to 2017 and Nocturne Vapors, LLC. has reached goals we would have never believed possible. Our loyal Nocturne Family has been instrumental in the growth and ability to help new people continue to find quality e-liquids at affordable prices every day.

Thank you to each of you who has given Nocturne Vapors the ability to continue our efforts in the advocacy field and to continue helping others to find quality e-liquid products at affordable prices!

About Me:  I'm Michelle Hughes, romance author and vape enthusiast.  I began vaping in 2015 after being diagnosed with COPD.  Smoking was killing me, and I'd tried so many different ways to quit and failed every time until I discovered vaping.  I've been smoke-free since 2015 thanks to vaping!  I made a promise to myself when I started, that if I could kick the habit, I would make it my life mission to help others stop smoking.  Signing on as a salesperson with Nocturne Vapors is another way I plan on continuing that goal!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Replacement Coils

Need Replacement Coils?  Try out these alternatives

 Thanks to our friends at Southern Vape Clanton for this list.  So, this is how you use this list.  If your tank uses a coil in a category, you can use any other coil in that category. Ie SMOK Baby beast usesTFV8 Baby coils, therefore it is compatible with any other coil in the “small” category.

Small Coils:
·         asMODus Ohmie coils
·         Eleaf HW coils (KDB’s <40W Pick! – Consistent build quality>
·         E-XY T1 coils
·         Geekvape iM4 coil
·         iJoy Xs coils
·         Jomo Tech Smartvape TC80 coils
·         Joyetech ProCore Aries coils <DKB’s >40W Pick! – Fantastic wicking>
·         Karnoo T1 coils
·         Sigelei SLYDR M SM coils
·         Vaporesso NRG coils
·         Vaportech M4/8 coils
·         Vaptio Frogman coils
·         WOTOFO Flow Coils

Large Coils:
·         Eleaf ERL RBA
·         Eleaf ERLQ coils
·         Eleaf ES coils <DKB’s 100W Pick! – Impressive 140 ml Lifespan>
·         Geekvape i1 +i4 coils
·         Horizontech DUOS coils
·         Horizontech Arco A6 coils
·         Horizontech Arco T6 coils
·         OBSV OCCoils
·         Sense Blazer 200 coils
·         Smok TFV8 coils
Massive Coils:
·         Cigpet Eco 12 coils
·         Smok TFV12 coils
·         Vapefly Fantasy F2+ F12 coils
Classic Coils:
·         Amigo Donner 22
·         Amigo Riptide Top Fill
·         Anyvape Fury Tank
·         Anyvape Sega Tank
·         Aspire Atlantis Coils
·         Aspire Triton Coils
·         Atmos Sub-Vers
·         Atmos Sub Vers Mini
·         Atmos Sub Vers TF
·         Beyond Vape Silo Beast
·         CoilART Online tank
·         Coiltech Atank
·         Digiflavor Bucho coils
·         DotMod Petri SubOhm Tank
·         EHPRO & Eciggity Morph Tank
·         Eleaf ECL coils
·         Eleaf ECML coils
·         Freemax Scylla
·         Freemax Starre
·         Freemax Starre Pro
·         Geek Vape Illusion Mini
·         Gigue Aeolus Mini
·         Gigue Aeolus Tank
·         Heatvape Eco Tank
·         Kronos X20 coils
·         Ovancl Espole
·         Playboy Vixen
·         Science of Vaping Eclipse
·         Sense Tech Herakles
·         Sigelei X tank
·         Smokme subverter mini
·         Steam Tribe Mini Sub Ohm Tank
·         Sunone Sking Square
·         Tobeco Supertank coils
·         Vape Forward VF ATTY
·         Vapefly Fantasy Mini m2 coil
·         Vapeston Ceramikus
·         Vapeston Maganus

SMOK Baby Beast Brother Q2 coil replacement Morpheus TPD  Subohm Tank coils not verified yet

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Truth About Vaping - Not The Lies They'd Have You Belive

I turned to vaping after being diagnosed with COPD in 2015.  Three years later I can walk without giving out of breath, sing again, fall asleep without coughing my head off, my entire life has been changed for the better since I began vaping.  The media and many politicians would have you believe that vaping is worse than smoking, but they know that's a lie.  There is evidence all around that states that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, there is no health risk to bystanders from the second-hand vape, and hundreds of thousands of people are living healthier lives since they stopped smoking and turned to vaping.  The question is, why are they lying to the public.

Many people believe it's because of the potential loss of revenue if people stop smoking and start vaping.  Read this article from Not Blowing Smoke where they go into detail about this. 

Regardless of whether money is the motive, or something else.  The truth is the media, fed by politicians, and lying lobbyists are painting a picture of how vaping is not the life-saving technology I personally know it to be.  I encourage you to educate yourself and get the truth.  Being blindly led by media is never a good idea.  Below I'm listing some sources that encourage you to think about what you're being told by the media.  Something stinks and it's not just the stale stench of combustible cigarette smoke.

Second Hand Vape  
"No evidence that vaping produces inhalable exposures to contaminants of the aerosol that would warrant health concerns"  

BMC Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on the epidemiology of disease and the understanding of all aspects of public health. The journal has a special focus on the social determinants of health, the environmental, behavioral, and occupational correlates of health and disease, and the impact of health policies, practices, and interventions on the community.

“Four studies examined nicotine exposure from passive vaping. [Long et al] measured nicotine content of EC [e-cigarette] exhalations,” they wrote. “EC exhalations contained eight times less nicotine than cigarette exhalations. Estimating environmental nicotine exposure, however, has to take into account the fact that side-stream smoke (ie the smoke from the lighted end of the cigarette, which is produced regardless of whether the smoker is puffing or not) accounts for some 85% of passive smoking and there is no side-stream EC vapor. A study measuring nicotine residue on surfaces in houses of smokers and vapers reported only negligible levels from vaping, 169 times lower than from smoking.”.

This study, although conducted under very high exposure conditions in a small, non-ventilated vape shop with many employees and customers vaping and clouds of vapor visible, did not document any dangerous levels of exposure to any hazardous chemical.
Dr. Michael Siegel

Dr. Siegel is a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health. He has 32 years of experience in the field of tobacco control. He previously spent two years working at the Office on Smoking and Health at CDC, where he conducted research on secondhand smoke and cigarette advertising. He has published nearly 70 papers related to tobacco. He testified in the landmark Engle lawsuit against the tobacco companies, which resulted in an unprecedented $145 billion verdict against the industry. He teaches social and behavioral sciences, mass communication and public health, and public health advocacy in the Masters of Public Health program.

This study Disproves many of the claims (LIES)  made in the California Public health department report on e-cigs and vaping released in January 2015.

Vaping is Safer than Smoking!

Effect of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smokers Switching to Electronic Cigarettes: Evidence for Harm Reversal

The evidence keeps piling up: e-cigarettes are definitely safer than smoking

RCGP Position Statement on the use of electronic nicotine vapor products (E-Cigarettes)

Health Scotland  Consensus statement on e-cigarettes

Ministry of Health position statement – E-cigarettes
The Ministry of Health believes e-cigarettes have the potential to make a contribution to the Smokefree 2025 goal and could disrupt the significant inequities that are present.

One has to wonder why the United States isn't taking the lead on using e-cigarettes to combat the addiction to combustible cigarettes.  It's apparent the risks are much less than smoking, so could it be true that our health organizations and the government are trying to destroy the vaping industry to line their pockets with death money from big tobacco?  It's a question we have to ask.  Educate yourself and encourage your health care provider to do the same.

Vaping Crimson Reviews and Sponsorship

The Vaping Crimson Girls is brought to you by international bestselling romance author, Michelle Hughes and Tears of Crimson.  As a strong vaping advocate, Michelle was very pleased to know that her twin daughters wanted to support her endeavor to get the word out about vaping to a large audience.  Kaitlin and Kayla are talented young women who know first-hand how vaping saves lives because they’ve seen it happen for not only their mother but their grandmother as well.  It is their goal to give information to the public and to help current smokers find the help they need to quit by vaping. 

Sponsoring the Vaping Crimson Girls allows your company to reach into the social media fans and friends that Tears of Crimson has developed over the last eight years.  Our current reach includes 13,000 twitter followers @MichelleHughes_, 4,000 Facebook followers (, and another 150,000 followers that come from her blogs, Pinterest, Linked In, and Tumblr fandom.  All of these social media links will be connected to promote your company until the Vaping Crimson Girls build their own following. 

The show broadcasts on YouTube each Wednesday night at 10 PM CST.  Other show dates and times maybe added in the future.  The first show began September 20th here:  

How can a romance author backing help a vaping show?  Our goal is to educate everyone, not just vaping enthusiasts.  It is our belief that having people from every walk of life supporting the vaping industry helps keep it alive.  We can reach an audience that most vaping advocates haven’t tapped into.  Michelle is even working on a new book that focuses on vaping in a romance setting, which ties into the Vaping Crimson Girls theme.

We brought Tears of Crimson Publishing from an unknown entity in 2009 to a name that is now synonymous with romance readers everywhere.  We believe we can do the same thing for the Vaping Crimson world.  With your sponsorship, we have the opportunity to reach more people than ever before.  Our shows will always be classy and geared toward the education of new vaping individuals as well as the person who wants to quit smoking but hasn’t taken that step yet.  In the process, we hope to reach people that have an unfavorable view of vaping and changed their minds.   This is more than just a vaping show for Tears of Crimson.  We understand the harm big tobacco has caused over the years and how many people will die this year alone if they can’t kick the habit of smoking.  We want to reach the masses! 

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